We Don’t Ask for Your Email Address


An insurance website that doesn’t attempt to capture email addresses?

How can we give you so much valuable information without trying to sell you life insurance?

Browse through our pages and you’ll find tons of great information.

  • Learn all about buying life insurance without taking any physical or even without answering health questions.
  • Read about the advantages and disadvantages of whole life, universal life, and term insurance.
  • Become knowledgeable about graded benefit life insurance.
  • Discover how guaranteed issue life insurance works.
  • Decide if diabetes prevents you from getting life insurance.
  • And much more.

On websites like this you usually see a box to enter your email address.  Then in a short time your inbox is flooded with offers to buy life insurance.   You’d rather eat rusty nails or walk over broken glass.

But search our website high and low and you’ll never find a request for your email.  No pop up.  No fade in box.  No tricks to collect personal information.

So how do we pay for this website?

How do we keep adding new information without trying to sell life insurance?

You’ll notice that we do have ads on the site.  Some of the ads are affiliate ads.  This means that if you click on an ad linking to a website offering insurance quotes, we may get paid by that website.  You pay nothing to us, but the company providing the ad may pay a small amount.

In short, the ads on our site cover the expenses so we can give you the information you want.

Some of the ads on our site do link to websites that ask for information such as your age and state of residence.  This type of information is necessary to provide accurate quotes for life insurance.

Don’t worry.  If you do click on a link to a website that asks for any personal data, you are in control.  Look over the website, read the terms of service, and then decide if you want to supply the information in exchange for personalized insurance quotes.

And remember, by clicking the ads on our site you help pay expenses so we can continue to provide pertinent information for our visitors.

Thanks for visiting.  Take your time to look around and don’t hesitate to click on the ads and links.

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