Jun 262012

Pay less for life insurance. You will probably own life insurance for most of your life.  Add up all the premiums you will pay and it becomes a major expense so any cost reductions are meaningful. Stacy Johnson at money.msn.com/ offers eight ideas to cut your life insurance costs.  Some of the advice is obvious yet helpful.  For example, don’t buy more than you need. Don’t buy more than you need. As someone who sold [continue reading]

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Oct 072011

Should you buy life insurance now or put it off until later? One of the ingredients in setting life insurance premiums is interest rates.  Insurance companies invest the premiums they receive and use the interest to help pay expenses.  When interest rates are very low, there is less investment income so insurance companies look elsewhere for sources to pay expenses. Will the “elsewhere” be higher life insurance premiums? Garry Marr writes in The Financial Post [continue reading]

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Oct 032011

Over the past several years term insurance became the insurance buyer’s favorite.  From the A.L. Williams organization to Dave Ramsey we were sold on buy term and invest the difference.  Permanent insurance or whole life was swept into the trash can. In the online publication LifeHealthPro, Gilbert Chapman asks if whole life insurance would have been appropriate for Ward and June Cleaver as they hit retirement.  Take a trip down memory lane to discover if [continue reading]

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Aug 212011

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance With many life insurance companies you cannot be turned down for guarantee issue life insurance unless you are in a long-term care facility or in a hospital. To procure guaranteed issue life insurance policies you answer no medical questions, take no medical examinations, and take no medical tests. It is intended for individuals whose health problems prevent them obtaining ordinary life insurance coverage. Since there is no underwriting, getting coverage can [continue reading]

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