Diabetic Life Insurance

If you’re a Diabetic and need life insurance there is good news.  Diabetics have several options when shopping for life insurance.  What type of life insurance and what the price will be depend on several factors.  Six important considerations are:

  • Hemoglobin A1C levels is one of the most important numbers that insurance companies consider.
  •  Height and weight is another important factor.  You can check your body mass index with a Free BMI calculator  from the National Institutes of Health.  Insurance company guidelines vary a bit, but generally your BMI falls into these categories:
    • Underweight               less than 18.5
    • Normal weight            18.5–24.9
    • Overweight                 25–29.9
    • Obesity                        30 or greater
  • The age you were diagnosed with diabetes.  If you were older your chances of buying low cost life insurance are better.
  • Are you a Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic.  Whichever category you fall into, you do have life insurance options.
  • Are there any complications from the diabetes.
  • Do you use tobacco.
  • Compliance with medical advice and treatment.  Do you seek regular guidance from a medical professional.

I am diabetic. Can I get life insurance?

If I have diabetes can I buy life insurance?

The options for diabetes life insurance range from:

  • fully underwritten plans requiring a physical exam and lab work
  • no exam life insurance requiring health questions but no exam
  • simplified issue life requiring only a few basic questions
  • graded benefit life
  • guaranteed issue life insurance

In most situations both term insurance and whole life are available. The premium will vary depending on the type of product.

If your life insurance is more expensive than you like, you can work for better diabetes control and then apply for a new, lower cost policy at a later time.  If you have a family depending on your income, please purchase life insurance now even if it is a bit expensive.  Then start a program with your doctor’s help to gain better control.  When your symptoms have improved apply for a new policy at a lower cost.  Do not cancel any existing life insurance until your new coverage is approved and in force.

Diabetics can buy life insurance.  Go ahead and shop now.

Diabetes is insurable once you control it

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